Is Full Body Athlete Workout What You Need To Attain Your Fitness Goals?

jumat, 19 Mei 2017 23:27

The debate on full body athlete workout vs split body athlete workout exercises has been going on for many years. Fitness experts also cannot agree on what is better between the two. However, you need to know that these two types of workouts are very important and one may be suitable over the other in different circumstances. Each has its own benefits which you need to know.

The benefits of full body workout routines:

In a full-body workout guide, you will realize there is greater focus for all the muscle groups. If you frequently stimulate your muscles to grow, they will do just that. All you need is to hit the muscles with varying rep ranges. Full body workouts target at hitting the major muscle groups between 3 and 4 times every day. Another great benefit of the full-body workout plan is that there is greater expenditure of energy in any workout. These workouts tend to yield greater expenditure of energy per workout as compared to the split exercises since larger muscle mass gets taxed in each single session.

 Just think about this; what session needs more energy, is it triceps/biceps session or the workouts starting with squats then flowed with chins, good mornings and dips? The latter option offers more benefits since it targets more muckles in one workout. If you want to build an athletic body with full body workouts there are some important things you must do, namely, eat more in a way in which you do not gain extra body fats, skip the minutes of boring cardio after the weight training session, and lastly, gain mass with very slight or no gain of body fats or even slight loss of body fats. 

 The greater depletion by full body workouts leads to super compensation of what has been lost. By the time you are dome with full body workouts, the proteins, calories and glycogen in the body will be seriously depleted and will be in need of immediate replacement. You will have to replace the depleted resources by taking food richer in calories.

To understand whether you need full body workout routines alone or in combination with other exercises you also need to consider the benefits of split workout routines. Basically, in split exercises, the workouts focus on just one group of muscles in the body. This means there is less fatigue and more workload thereon. In split workout routines, there is more focus on some particular group of muscles and so they can produce better results on that particular section.


Although there is great debate on what offers greater benefits between split and full body workout routines, the truth is that both are good and should form part of athletic training depending on the goals that need to be attained.